Buckinghamshire Council: GRACE Project

Buckinghamshire Council have been successful in obtaining funding from the Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme to purse the Groundwater Resilience & Community Engagement (GRACE) project. Aurora Engagements are a project partner using Sarah’s knowledge and expertise in stakeholder engagement with flood risk communities to help contribute to this project.

Community of Practice (CoP)

Aurora Engagements is a member of the Environment Agency’s Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Community of Practice (SECCOP) and the Institution of Civil Engineer’s Community Engagement Community of Practice (CoP). These groups facilitate the sharing of best practice within the field of stakeholder engagement and communication as well as promoting, enhancing and providing innovative ideas for the the stakeholder engagement agenda within the organisations and industry.

Environment Agency: Stakeholder Engagement Maturity Model – Task and Finish Group

Aurora Engagements was part of a group of industry leaders helping the Environment Agency evaluate the initial design of a maturity model created to assess their stakeholder engagement activities within the organisation. Aurora Engagements reviewed the model and provided insight and, in collaboration with the group, clarity and enhancements to the final output.

Environment Agency: Adaptative Pathway – Scoping Exercise.

Aurora Engagements worked in partnership with Arup and the Environment Agency to scope out how an Adaptative Pathway could be created for a region in the north of England. This involved early stakeholder engagement and developing an understanding of the adaptive pathways theory. This work led to the team embarking on the delivery the first phase of the project. This was heavily centred on stakeholder engagement and therefore the team were responsible for tasks including; stakeholder mapping, creation of an infographic to tell the adaptive pathway story, creation of an engagement strategy and creation of a steering group as well as providing advice and support to the Environment Agency.